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Anne Reese Carswell

We all now know that the biggest empowerment you can give a girl is education and we believe that to educate a woman is to change the world and that it’s better to educate a girl than to fix a woman. Based on this premise, WETATi is committed and dedicated to doing all that it can to support women and the Next Generation in every way that it can and that includes looks for creative ways to raise funds for the students to complete their education as par of our avenues to helping that next girl to become economically empowered as she prepares to get into the marketplace.


The WETATi Scholarship has been named after a women who had dedicated her entire life to the cause of raising and educating the Next Generation at the University of Maryland and show basic human philosophy is “if i can help somebody, then my life is worth !!!


As a result of Ms. Carswell’s indefatigable attitude toward her fellow being and making sure the students are successful, the WETATi Scholarship Fund is now named after her- Ms. Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Fund.





Nayeem Ali

2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient
Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland
WETATi Intern

Nayeem Ali Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship

Nayeem Ali Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship

“Working with WETATi was a pleasure beyond measure. I enjoyed my time working with a fun group of people on projects that felt meaningful. They have allowed me to work freely to find solutions unique to my skills and sensibilities and were very open to hear and take in ideas I had to offer.


“I very much enjoyed being a part of the planning and participating in the WETATi Convention and Gala. The Convention had much to offer in way of spirited competitions, engaging speaker and panelists, and networking opportunities that are all valuable resources for any student attending college. Many of my classmates have expressed their admiration for the program and wished they had joined with the program sooner. As a student who had the honor of working so close to WETATi and experiencing the fullest effect, I can only give it my highest recommendation.


“I am very grateful for being a recipient of the WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship. I welcome any bit of financial remuneration that would help alleviate the gauntlet that is our education system. However, WETATi has offered me so much more that cannot possibly be expressed monetarily. As I make my transition to UMCP in the following semester, I plan on sticking with WETATi and being a part of their Next Generation.”


Chris Wright

2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient
Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland
WETATi Intern

Chris Wright Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship

Chris Wright Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship

“Working for the WETATi organization has been great, it has opened my eyes and has given me insight to aspects of the world I have not experienced yet. I am committed to join the WETATi next generation club when I transfer to University of Maryland. Every school should have program like this to connect students with people that are able to motivate and inspire them on how and why they should start their own businesses now rather than later, like Dr. Dureke has inspired me. Even though they’re in college to learn, college can’t teach them the information I’ve received from this program.


“The WETATi convention was truly one of the greatest events I ever attended, every day was something new. The amount of knowledge I gained from just attending this will impact my life for years, for the goals I have in mind the convention gave me a lot of insights and ideas that I had not seen before from knowledgeable and successful individuals of color. Having someone that resembled me showcase their ideas on stage was great to see because I am then able to picture myself rising above their current levels. After learning from them I aim to take their knowledge and rise above that because as a student I have to carry the torch and eventually pass on that knowledge.


“The gala on Saturday was amazing, to see a room full of African American people empowering each other as some receive awards for their efforts. There aren’t a lot of organizations that comprise mainly of African Americans who are trying to help my generation be more interested in Entrepreneurship rather than just working for someone else. Now I see why Dr. Dureke always says: “change your narrative, create your own opportunity.” This was an amazing event that I will continue attending and will bring more of my friends to so that they can be inspired and soak up all that knowledge and connect with people in this great organization. I want to thank Dr. Dureke and WETATi for putting on this event and allowing me to be a part of this convention. My life is forever changed.”


Breanna Coleman

2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient
University of Maryland, College Park
VP, WETATi-Next Generation, UMCP

2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient Breanna Coleman

2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Scholarship Carswell Recipient Breanna Coleman

“Wow what can i say about this convention? What I can say about the convention is WETATi, POWER!


“Three of the newest things I took from the convention are (1) be willing to attach yourself to others’ ideas, (2) Sew seeds to help others and (3) “The moment you are willing to lose it all, you will gain it all.” The theme that really stuck with me was ‘changing the narrative’ of how we millennials think, so that we may make changes for our generation and build generational wealth for generations to come.


“As VP of the UMD WETATi chapter, I as well as the rest of my executive board, used what we learned that past weekend to develop new ideas to impact our campus in the upcoming year. One of our main focuses is being sure that minority students understand their financial literacy, through events and partnerships with other organizations on campus.”


“Furthermore, we want to be sure that ‘the next generation’ is present! It is my goal, and the goal of the rest of my eboard to bring more college students to WETATi, not only from UMD, but from other campuses in Maryland. Power sometimes comes in small packages, but if we want to change the narrative for millennials, we must also build something they will listen to. This is what WETATi does.




Alexandra Maye: Graduating Senior With Honors:

WETATi-Next Generation 2015 “One to Watch”& Two Time Recipient
University of Maryland, College Park

Alexandra Maye

Alexandra Maye, a well deserved two time Recipient of the WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Award

“I feel truly blessed and humbled to be a two time recipient of the WETATi – Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship.


The scholarship not only helps offset school related costs, but it is a true honor to receive the scholarship in the name of such a dynamic woman who is a friend, mentor, leader, and tireless advocate for University of Maryland students and the community. Ms. Anne Carswell is nothing short of her amazing and her humble attitude, work ethic, and consistent dedication to her work is something that I strive to attain.


She was the first person to introduce me to WETATi after taking the women of Sisterhood of Unity and Love (SOUL) to the WETATi conference and has been a firm supporter of their mission and our involvement ever since.


Ms. Carswell inspired me most at the Convention this year with her positive mindset and great leadership of WETATi Next Generation UMCP, especially with all the behind the scenes work. She taught me how to establish business relationships and get tasks done more effectively. I was emotional when giving my testimonial about Ms. Carswell because it was the first time I have been able to publicly express my appreciation towards her. Also, now that the scholarship is under her name it carries such a deeper meaning and legacy. Ms. Dureke is always an inspiration as well. Her ability to lead an entire convention while still taking time to get to know each and every conference participant is exemplary.
She is passionate about her calling and the work she does and takes time to shed advice and personal experiences on achieving the impossible. She and her team (Ms. Brenda and Ms. Gloria-Jean & others) are a huge force behind WETATi and all it hopes to accomplish. Teamwork truly makes the dream work and that was shown in how they cohesively worked together throughout the conference.
From personally attending and hearing Ms. Jewel Tankard speak, my new goal is to set my mind to win every day. No matter how great or not-so-great my day is going, I will keep the mindset and attitude of a winner and put my best foot forward. A student should want to become a member of WNG to have the ability to network and be mentored by professional women. Many organizations give you the opportunity to network with women in our age group, but WETATi connects you DIRECTLY to women who are successful and prominent in their fields. Also, when you are consistently surrounded by others who are aiming to achieve the impossible you begin to make achieving the impossible, not just a saying, but a way of life. Thank you WETATi Corporate for all the work you do and continue to do. You’re appreciated!”


Samiat Awosanya, WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell 2015 Scholarship Award Recipient

University of Maryland, College Park


WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell 2015 Scholarship Award Recipients: Chidi Nwaneri (Left) and and Samiat Awosanya, (Right); with Ms. Anne Reese Carswell, Godmother of WETATi NEXT Generation UMCP (Center)

WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell 2015 Scholarship Award Recipients: Chidi Nwaneri (Left) and and Samiat Awosanya, (Right); with Ms. Anne Reese Carswell, Godmother of WETATi NEXT Generation UMCP (Center)

“WETATi was something that I’ve always heard good things about from upperclassmen here at the University of Maryland, College Park when I was an underclassman. The girls would rave about the conventions and tell me their testimonies and how much they were inspired by all the successful self-made women in attendance. I knew this was something I had to be a part of and experience first hand. This year was my first time participating in the conference. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Being surrounded by so many successful and determined women that look like me was such an inspiration. From hearing the testimonies of self-made millionaires to receiving words of wisdom from young professionals who are at the top of their game, I left the convention with a breath of fresh air, ready to tackle my journey towards success and achieving my goals head on.


Chardelle Moore inspired me the most during the convention. Being the youngest professional in her field, she is at the top of her game. It was so inspiring to see her mindset on success and how we all have to forge our own opportunities with the resources that we have. She mentioned that if we have the capability to do something, then we should just do it no matter the situation. Her story resonated with me the most because she is a young professional, and if she can create her own success story so early in life, I can as well.


Being a recipient of the inaugural WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship fund was truly a blessing. Having worked alongside Ms. Carswell for the past 3 years as a Nyumburu Student Ambassador, I too have come to know her as a mother figure. Be it either for a word of advise, guidance about our organization, or just plain old girl talk. Ms. Carswell has always been available for the students of color here on campus. She demonstrates selflessness and compassion towards all of us, and for that we do indebt our success here at the university to her.


WETATi Next Generation is definitely something every young women should be a part of. Being a WETATian has opened the door for several opportunities through a great network of successful women. So much inspiration can be drawn from the words of wisdom these women have to bestow on us, and any young woman would be doing herself a disservice by not taking advantage of all that WETATi has to offer.”


Chidi Nwaneri: WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell 2015 Scholarship Award Recipient:


She is a member and Vice President of Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible Next Generation College Park chapter. Through WETATI, Chidi has been able to grow as an individual and a leader reaching out to other young women on campus and inspiring them become the best version of themselves.


She believes good things come to those who dare to chase their dreams. . .
“I believe in the mission and vision of WETATI. There is power in numbers, and we as women are powerful beings- forces to be reckoned with. Together, we can change our communities and our world for the better. I stand by this. WETATI has inspired me to see that women can achieve the impossible. Impossible is at our fingertips. We just have to reach out and grab it. I am grateful for the support of WETATI Next Generation and WETATI corporate and look forward to seeing the growth of this organization.”


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