Nayeem Ali Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Scholarship

Nayeem Ali Receives WETATi-Anne Reese Scholarship

“Working with WETATi was a pleasure beyond measure. I enjoyed my time working with a fun group of people on projects that felt meaningful. They have allowed me to work freely to find solutions unique to my skills and sensibilities and were very open to hear and take in ideas I had to offer.


“I very much enjoyed being a part of the planning and participating in the WETATi Convention and Gala. The Convention had much to offer in way of spirited competitions, engaging speaker and panelists, and networking opportunities that are all valuable resources for any student attending college. Many of my classmates have expressed their admiration for the program and wished they had joined with the program sooner. As a student who had the honor of working so close to WETATi and experiencing the fullest effect, I can only give it my highest recommendation.


“I am very grateful for being a recipient of the WETATi-Anne Reese Scholarship. I welcome any bit of financial remuneration that would help alleviate the gauntlet that is our education system. However, WETATi has offered me so much more that cannot possibly be expressed monetarily. As I make my transition to UMCP in the following semester, I plan on sticking with WETATi and being a part of their Next Generation.”

— Nayeem Ali
2017 WETATi-Anne Reese Carswell Scholarship Recipient


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Wendy Archer, WETATi 2017 Entrepreneurship Competition 1st Place Winner

“My name is Wendy Archer, I attended my first WETATi event in October 2016.  I sat and listened to several great speakers recalling their hiccups offering their learning blocks to the road of success.  I was welcomed like family, (a hug from the Dr. Dureke)  That is where I learned about the business idea competition.  WETATi is giving the community an opportunity to turn their ideas into a real tangible product!  I was excited.  I hit the drawing board and began developing my business plan. They have been working me and others ever since in developing our business ideas and plans. I attended the WETATi convention and gala in April 2017 and listened and learned from more great speakers.  The speakers were very motivating! I learned about finances, available resources, the importance of a mentor, developing and maintaining a support team, staying healthy in order to provide ongoing services to your clients/customers.

“I enjoyed the knowledge.  Knowledge is power, when used.  When I presented my business plan and idea to the judges during the competition as one of the finalists, I prayed they would overlook my nervousness and see my vision.  They did!  I won first place!!  I would have never had the guts to present my idea to anyone if it wasn’t for WETATi in the way they encourage people to be and do.  Dr. Dureke made me feel like family.  Without the support and guidance of WETATi my business idea would not have flourished!

“What sets WETATi apart from other organizations is the support and comfort they provide and how firm they are in making sure we get all the tools, resources and capacity we need to succeed. This organization is totally different to any other out there because I have been around and have been searching.  Access to a great support system is unspeakable in this day and age.  Working with people I feel comfortable with, that genuinely care about my well being, is like working with family.  You even gain business mentors. If you have not heard about WETATi, go to there website (www.wetati.com) and learn how you can be a part of something big, where dreams are realized, it begins with just one idea!  Even better go now and join the 2018 Entrepreneurship COMPETITION and sign up to compete for next year, YOU could be next! Thank you WETATI!”

— Wendy Archer
WETATi 2017 Entrepreneurship Competition 1st Place Winner


 “Thank you and the WETATi family for your hospitality, leadership and support. This year’s event surpassed all other years and was a resounding success in more ways than I can count. I am so happy that I was able to attend all three days of the Conference. Congratulations to you and Dr. Dureke for another stellar and informative event.”

— Towanda R. Livingston, Director
Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)
2017 Convention Attendee


“Good Evening Dr. Dureke,
My name is Brianna Moore. We spoke after the WETATi event last Thursday and we exchanged business cards. I want to first say thank you again for your inspirational talk and words of encouragement. I really enjoyed myself and I am glad that I came. Everything you said about having multiple sources of income, is what I have been hearing practically all my life from my parents and older brother. Anyways, I joined the WETATi Entrepreneurship Club. I have a 3 … ideas, I am blessed to have people who informed me about the do’s and don’ts of college, but I know that everyone is not as fortunate. …So when I met you, you peaked my interest to turning my….into a business. I have a lot of knowledge that I believe needs to be shared. Is this something that you believe will be beneficial to share? Any assistance that you can provide to me is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.”

— Brianna Moore, Bowie State University
2017 Entrepreneurship Competition Training Event Attendee


“I found the session great and energy I haven’t seen before. This session was raw. It didn’t hold back. It struck a nerve that most speakers do not hit. Dr. Dureke connected as though she was a family member offering guidance.”

— Chris, PGCC Hillman Entrepreneurs
2016 Convention Attendee


“I was so fortunate to attend an event organized by WETATI (Women Empowered To Achieve The Impossible, We’re Empowered To Achieve The Impossible), an organization dedicated to help people think beyond their limited beliefs so that they can actually achieve much more than what we can imagine. My sincere gratitude to my coworker Vanessa for inviting me there and Spencer for giving me company. Thank you WETATI. Keep doing what you doing.”

— 2016 Convention Attendee


“It was my great honor to meet Dr. Margaret Dureke and entrepreneur Towanda Livingston. These two ladies are the most powerful and daring ladies I have met. I look forward to strengthening our relationships so that we can impact many people and help them unleash their true potential. I truly look forward to learning from you both.”

— Pradeep, 2016 Convention Attendee